Penis Enlargement Cream: The Facts And The Hype

If you’re looking for penis enlargement cream, you’re in luck! There are dozens of products out there with silly names and grand promises, eager to offer you big results for a (relatively) small price.

And that’s no surprise, really. Penile enlargement creams are portable – you can take them into hotel rooms and airport lobbies without getting those weird eyebrows from the help. They’re easier and less stressful than male enlargement exercises, and they don’t have the astronomical costs and risks of getting a surgical procedure.

So, here’s the idea: you apply the penis enhancement cream, and over time, you get more size and bigger erections as you absorb the cream and increase your blood flow. With your increased ability to maintain that flow, you’ll have better erections and sexual stamina, so kill that “erectile dysfunction” stuff goodbye. Sounds great in general, but the specifics are important. Every cream doesn’t work the same or have the same active ingredients – so if you just rush to grab the cheapest item off the (digital) counter, you might find yourself smearing goop on your junk for months at a time and not getting any real results.

Penis enhancement cream can work – but you’ve got to find the right stuff. Again, this all depends on if you actually get an effective cream that WORKS, and that means you need to get educated as a customer. First, remember that your penis size is determined by how much blood the smooth muscle tissues can hold during an erection. You need a product that will explain how it will enlarge the tissue in your penis. Otherwise? You’re dealing with junk that isn’t going to deliver any results.

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Luckily, the chambers within your penis will respond to exercise and stimulation permanently, unlike muscles elsewhere on your body that will atrophy with lack of use. With enough time you can break your cells down and rebuild them – leaving you bigger and stronger.

And you shouldn’t rely on a placebo effect, either. So many guys will take something, expect to get bigger, and feel more confident. Now there’s nothing wrong with more confidence, no way. But you should think about taking some measurements before you start – just to make sure your money is being spent properly.

Those are the facts: so watch out for the hype. Remember that you’re putting penis enhancement cream directly on your penis, so any side effects are going to be felt for a long time. Talk to a doctor before you start using any kind of male enlargement programs, do your homework and find out how the product works, and always keep a layer of healthy skepticism.

Now luckily, you don’t need to spend countless hours looking for solutions – we’ve found effective treatments that are real, natural, safe, and understand that every guy is unique (that means if it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back!)

Male Enhancement Exercises That Work

So many guys – from the guy behind the deli counter to the unassuming kid in the cubicle at work, even your minister – are curious about male enhancement exercises. Size matters, and it isn’t just about being harder or going longer. It’s about the confidence and power that comes when you know you can satisfy a woman in the most intimate of ways. When you’ve got it, you can approach women with confidence make all the right promises, and know that you can deliver. And after sex, you don’t have to ask yourself whether you gave her real passion and real orgasms, or you were just the stand-in for some elaborate kabuki routine.

If you’re reading this, you don’t need anybody to explain the benefits of male enhancement exercises. And you’re way more interested in the how of it than the why.

How Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

You’ve got three chambers in your penis, and these chambers hold blood when it’s time to have sex. If you’ve got bigger chambers, you can have powerful, longer lasting erections. You can expand penile tissue the same way you expand muscle tissue – with targeted exercise. And no, the “male enhancement exercises” you did in high school don’t count here. Now, when most guys work out, they try really hard to max out, push themselves to the limit, and get really sore – but you don’t want to do that with these exercises. You’re dealing with a lot of really sensitive equipment down there and you don’t want to throw anything out of whack. If you’re getting sores or blisters, you need to dial it back.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Well, it changes depending on the guy. Most people can expect between 1 and 3 inches of growth, and that’s not bad for a totally free method that will only take you about a month. Remember, there’s stuff you can do to magnify these results – you can shave down there for extra comfort, you can switch to a diet that’s better suited to muscle growth, you can exercise and lose weight, and you can (promo link).

How Do I Do It?

First, you need to lubricate so that you don’t chafe anything – get a nice gentle scentless lotion. Then wrap a washcloth in warm water, wring it, and wrap it around your shaft. Hold it in position for about 60 seconds, then start over again. Do this for four or five times to promote good circulation.

While you’re still limp, grip the head snugly, without messing with your circulation. Stretch it out as far as you can without feeling discomfort. Hold it for five minutes, then stop for a minute, rotating it while you rest. Do five reps of this exercise, pulling it in different directions. Straight ahead, up, down, left, right.

Like I said before… be careful, and if things get dry down there, apply a little more lotion.

And there you have it, a method to increase penis size naturally. The male enhancement exercises take a few weeks, but they deliver real results.

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Increase Penis Size Right Now – But Don’t Do This

Do you want to feel like a stud in the sack? There’s no point in even asking. Of course you do. And for hundreds of years, men have known they can increase penis size with natural penis exercises. But let’s face it, it’s a little tedious to stand there pulling on your weiner for 7 minutes at a time five days a week – who can keep that kind of consistency?

And there are a few minor dangers – you pull too hard, you’re going to feel raw at best and do some serious damage at worst.

But here’s the thing – it doesn’t cost any money, and even though the results are slow, they’re consistent and permanent. So what if we told you that could “exercise” your penis the right way, completely pain free… and then multiply that effort with an all-natural, penis enlarging cream?

If you’re embarrassed to take your pants off in the locker room, relax. Now that you’ve found this site, all that’s over, and you’re a step closer to solving this problem forever. No, you don’t need pills and you don’t need pumps – two methods can do most of the work.

You can increase penis size from the comfort of your own living room with just your hands. A few minutes a day will increase your results – and an enhancing cream will create exponential growth. It’s that easy.
And did we mention we’re talking permanent results? This isn’t like a pump where it swells up for ten minutes and then you’ve gotta rush to do the business.

A Word Of Caution When Trying to Increase Penis Size

Try and stay away from “penis extender” products. Though penis extenders use a really similar method for enlarging the penis safely, you can’t be sure that it’s going to give you effective and more importantly SAFE results. Everybody’s body is a little different, and while a “hands off” method sounds tempting… I really don’t think you want to mess with something that has even the potential to make you uncomfortable.

We can also save ourselves a lot of trouble by skipping those “increase penis size forums”. Look, just like in any forum, there are a handful of smart guys, but the signal to noise ratio is off the charts. Most people who write about penis enlargement have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s all speculation.

And finally… for the love of all that’s holy, don’t spent $10,000 on surgery. Doctors are smart guys, but even the smartest guys make mistakes, and the feeling you’ll get from having a bigger penis isn’t worth even the slight risk of damaging it. Keep it safe, and increase penis size using the methods on this site.

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How To Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally

Bigger is better – that’s why almost every woman wants their guy to have a bigger penis, whether they admit it or not, and almost every guy wants to increase their size, performance and confidence.

If you’re struggling with a small penis, you want to move up to average. If you’re average, you want to become a stud. And even if you’re already well endowed, the prospect of getting even bigger is an enticing prospect, isn’t it?
But even though there’s a lot of mystique around growing your penis, there’s tons of misinformation and crap out there. The market is totally flooded with products that claim to teach you how to make your penis bigger naturally, and there’s so much trash out there that it’s impossible to navigate the market and find something that works.

So before you start looking around, you need to lower your expectations a little. Shady marketers thrive on playing up on their customer’s insecurities and selling them miracles… so if something promises to turn you into a porn star overnight, you can save yourself a lot of stress and run away from it.

You can make your penis bigger naturally by making the main chambers of your penis bigger Bigger chambers, more blood flow, bigger penis. So you don’t need some kind of space voodoo to grow down there. You just need something that’ll increase the size of your penile chambers permanently.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally With Exercises

You can build your penis’ ability to hold blood the same way you can improve a muscle’s ability to hold blood – stretching and tension. Your penis obviously isn’t a muscle, but you’ve got a lot of muscle tissue. And unlike the tissue in your biceps and abs that will go away once you stop working out, your gains will be permanent! It doesn’t happen instantly, but you can add 1 to 3 inches to your penis size permanently using these techniques.

Penis Enlargement Cream

These creams are really popular among guys – for starters, they’re easy to apply, and you don’t have to schedule it for a precise time like some of the pills out there. Also, these creams are subtle – if you’re trying to impress your partner, tying your cock to some medieval looking pump isn’t going to get the job done, and neither will wearing a gaudy patch. The creams have chemicals that will go to work increasing your blood flow.

Herbal Supplements

I personally put herbal penile supplements in the same category as a healthy diet and exercise regimen – most of the products I’ve seen won’t increase your size directly, but they’ll boost your sex drive, circulation, and overall health. They’re a great tool as you work to get a bigger penis.

Now, you know two of the main methods you can use to get a longer, stronger penis. There are plenty of options out there – but stick to these, ignore programs that promise you the world, and stay focused. I promise, you’ll make your penis bigger… naturally.

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How To Increase Penile Size Naturally

Everybody wants to know how to increase penile size naturally, and I don’t blame them. So many otherwise happy guys are lacking in the bedroom, missing out on that spark that defined their youth or, even worse, missing out on ever having it in the first place. It’s a “little problem” that only gets more embarrassing with time.

Problem is, so many guys that are out to enlarge themselves look for solutions online. And the internet might be a great place for pasta recipes, but nobody wants to entrust their manhood to some advice they read on a message board. The internet is filled with poor tactics and products that are both useless – and dangerous.

It’s enough to paralyze a guy with fear.

And maybe you’ve seen some of this stuff online. Hanging weights off your penis or using a pump could leave you bruised and sore after a few minutes. Weights in particular can be so traumatic that you’re not even able to get that thing up – and that kind of ruins the whole point of increasing your penis size naturally.

Some guys think penile enlargement surgery is the way to go, but after dropping almost $10,000 on surgery, they quickly realize that they were wrong. With that kind of surgery, you’re running the risk of ruining your penis forever, whether it’s internally through impotence, externally through permanent scarring (way worse than the welts you might get with a pump) and deformity.

And in any surgery, there’s the risk of serious injury or even death. The idea of getting some crazy surgical procedure on your cock feels a little like those commercials where the side effects of a drug are so bad, you’d rather have the disease.

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So, let’s forget all that. If you want to know how to make your penis bigger naturally, you’ve got to increase your blood flow. The more blood that’s flowing down there, the bigger it gets. And if you increase your penis’ capacity to take it blood?

Bingo, permanent, lasting gains. And we can start the process using male enhancement exercises like jelqing. This stuff works the same way as any exercise… you warn up, stretch out, exert yourself, and cool down.

Before starting this amazing exercise, you need to put a towel in some warm water and tuck yourself into it for around 10 minutes, in order to prevent any injuries or sprains. Next, grab the base of your shaft between your index and thumb. Then slide your right hand upwards, really slowly. Keep doing this for about 200 reps. You’ll feel silly at first, but within two or three weeks, you’ll have added an extra inch or two to your total size – and every inch counts in the bedroom.

Now, for some guys, that’s more than enough! 1 or 2 inches can be the difference between success and failure in the sack. But some guys might need a little extra firepower, and this penis enlargement cream can help.