How To Increase Penile Size Naturally

Everybody wants to know how to increase penile size naturally, and I don’t blame them. So many otherwise happy guys are lacking in the bedroom, missing out on that spark that defined their youth or, even worse, missing out on ever having it in the first place. It’s a “little problem” that only gets more embarrassing with time.

Problem is, so many guys that are out to enlarge themselves look for solutions online. And the internet might be a great place for pasta recipes, but nobody wants to entrust their manhood to some advice they read on a message board. The internet is filled with poor tactics and products that are both useless – and dangerous.

It’s enough to paralyze a guy with fear.

And maybe you’ve seen some of this stuff online. Hanging weights off your penis or using a pump could leave you bruised and sore after a few minutes. Weights in particular can be so traumatic that you’re not even able to get that thing up – and that kind of ruins the whole point of increasing your penis size naturally.

Some guys think penile enlargement surgery is the way to go, but after dropping almost $10,000 on surgery, they quickly realize that they were wrong. With that kind of surgery, you’re running the risk of ruining your penis forever, whether it’s internally through impotence, externally through permanent scarring (way worse than the welts you might get with a pump) and deformity.

And in any surgery, there’s the risk of serious injury or even death. The idea of getting some crazy surgical procedure on your cock feels a little like those commercials where the side effects of a drug are so bad, you’d rather have the disease.

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So, let’s forget all that. If you want to know how to make your penis bigger naturally, you’ve got to increase your blood flow. The more blood that’s flowing down there, the bigger it gets. And if you increase your penis’ capacity to take it blood?

Bingo, permanent, lasting gains. And we can start the process using male enhancement exercises like jelqing. This stuff works the same way as any exercise… you warn up, stretch out, exert yourself, and cool down.

Before starting this amazing exercise, you need to put a towel in some warm water and tuck yourself into it for around 10 minutes, in order to prevent any injuries or sprains. Next, grab the base of your shaft between your index and thumb. Then slide your right hand upwards, really slowly. Keep doing this for about 200 reps. You’ll feel silly at first, but within two or three weeks, you’ll have added an extra inch or two to your total size – and every inch counts in the bedroom.

Now, for some guys, that’s more than enough! 1 or 2 inches can be the difference between success and failure in the sack. But some guys might need a little extra firepower, and this penis enlargement cream can help.